Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It's great when we get to contribute to the creative content and structure of a film.  Here's the email I'd sent to the Director and Producer of Puss In Boots for the idea of the Giant Goose.  Pretty close to the way it ended up in the movie...(Mad props to Emily Conlon, our story coordinator and co-generator of this brilliance!) 

I was just talking with Emily and out of our conversation we thought up an interesting option for the Golden Goose/Giant elements to the story….

Ready?  Okay.

What if it was the Golden Goose that was the giant, think Godzilla or the Cloverfield monster.  There is no human giant, only the goose.

Here’s very sketchy beats of this concept:

Puss, Kitty and Humpty arrive atop the clouds only to find that the golden goose is the size of a mountain!

Her golden eggs are equally mountainous and unobtainable.

The mission seems to be a bust.

Puss notices the runt of the ducklings...”The Ugly Duckling” of the group that is laying manageable sized golden eggs!

Somehow they incapacitate the mother goose and make their escape with the ugly duckling, (- who is approximately the size of a sofa)

When the mother goose realizes her ugly duckling is gone, the only evidence of the crime is the top of the beanstalk.  She knows where this leads to.  (-once it’s cut down it could fall in the direction of the town and lead her right to it???)

Play out group celebration on the ground.

Jack and Jill take the ugly duckling and Humpty.

Humpty exacts his revenge on Puss.

Godzilla goose comes to town looking for her duckling.

Humpty makes his escape during chaos.

Town terrorized by the giant goose.

Kitty helps Puss defeat giant goose. (-perhaps the town has a hand in helping Puss?  Once they see is heroics they could join in providing his redemption with the town…)

Puss and Humpty have confrontation on bridge.

Humpty tries to fly away on Ugly Duckling to freedom only to have the giant mother goose fly in and take Humpty away to her nest in the clouds…to most horribly “hatch” him.

Humpty gets what he desires but not in the manner he expected. 

Sooooooo……that’s what we came up with in our little brainstorm. 

Thanks for having a look. 


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