Sunday, July 22, 2012


The first project my super talented partner in crime, Sharon and I took on was a ghost story.  We developed it in our off hours, weekends, etc and came up with what we think is a very simple yet interesting take on the classic Haunted House story.  Pitched it at Dreamworks and got great responses from development and Jeffrey Katzenberg, but Dreamworks had already been developing a ghost movie of its own, so they passed on ours, which was fine.  We were really testing ourselves to see if developing stories/projects is something we'd like to do more of and it absolutely is!  That's where optioning the film rights for the book, Torso came in.  We've pitched our animated ghost story to another studio already, as is our agreement with DW and are getting close to scheduling a few more in the coming weeks. It's a very exciting process to develop stories from their inception.  Here's one of the pitch boards from our ghost story.  It's a combo of my and Sharon's drawings. So exciting when you see it all up together.

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