Saturday, October 29, 2016


Yesterday was the 2nd annual celebration of everyone's favorite misunderstood cinematic monster.

My very good friend and brilliantly talented comic book artist, Russ Braun (-google him now if you want to spend hours looking at beautiful artwork) started this last year after he'd spent a year or so having his Friday warm up sketch be of some version of Frankenstein.

Russ invited all his friends and fellow artists to a Facebook page he created to post their own interpretations of Frankenstein just as a way of getting us all together for a virtual celebration the Friday before Halloween.

So, here are my submissions for this year's celebration.

Friday, October 14, 2016


So, I know I've not been keeping up the blog, but I've been super, super busy!
On top of boarding like crazy on Despicable Me 3, I was also freelancing for some former Dreamworks colleagues who have a really fun independent animated feature in development.

But, now I'm back to just one full-time job with Gru and company, so lets get to posting.

When we last left those angry Angry Birds things weren't going terribly well.  The pig air force had launched it's counter attack and the bird were in retreat, but maybe they've got a shot to turn the tide and maybe not....

This will wrap up this sequence, but I've got a few more from Angry Birds and still got to get to my Secret Life of Pets boards, cause come next summer I'll have enough boards from Despicable 3 to post for years, so lets get to it.