Friday, July 5, 2013


 (7-23-13) - Just changed the title of this post, because if you write "free porn" in the header even as a joke, suddenly most of your site traffic is from people looking for free porn.  Suckers!!  HAHA!

I just stumbled upon a fan site that actually put together movie files with my storyboards from two of my Rise of the Guardians sequences and then posted them on youtube.  So cool!  The pacing is just very straight forward, probably about 1-2 seconds per image, not the timing you'd use to pitch it, but fun to see none the less.  Here's the links:


  1. I know I shouldn't be too shocked you'd actually find my youtube page, considering its your work and all, but...I just think its so cool! And I'm so relieved to hear you don't mind.

    Yes, the storyboards are all 1 sec each, the reason being, it was my first time using Moviemaker and I wanted to make sure everyone could read the dialogue without pausing the vid every few minutes (in Heinz sight if I actually thought beforehand, I could have just made the talking scene 1 sec each and kept the others 0.5secs...but I can't edit a video without deleting it and live and learn, and all that).

    Actually, the reason I put these on Youtube to begin with was because I help run a wikia site dedicated to all things Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood, and I've been researching all the concept artists and putting up their work. You even have a page ^_^ ->
    Originally I was just gonna do what I usually do and post up your concept art and link it all back to your site, but there was just SO MUCH AWESOME WORK (seriously if there was an award for the artist with the most content, you'd win by a landslide) I thought a video would be much simpler.

  2. Well, I'm just so happy someone is enjoying seeing all the work that was done by the many talented artists that worked on Guardians and never gets to be seen outside of the "art of" books, and those can't even begin to scratch the surface of all the work that's been done over the many years and many iterations of these films. But, I love the fact you cut the boards together and posted the movie file. Very cool. I treat this blog as a virtual portfolio so more Guardians work will show up from time to time. Thanks for having a look!