Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's time to find out what happens when an ordinary garden snail enters the Indy 500!  Turbo is in theaters!  I worked on it for about a year.  It was a labor of love for director David Soren, and he had the amazing talents of folks like Shannon Tindle, Rich Daskas, Andy Schuhler, Toby Shelton, Sharon Bridgeman Lukic among many others to help him realize his personal little story come to life the big screen.  It's bright, fast, funny, bizzare and has snails that look like the coolest Muppets never made.

These boards were from a sequence I worked on where Turbo, is being outfitted for the race by the human shopkeepers who have put all of their businesses on the line in the hopes of scoring big with Turbo's win at the Indy.  I was tasked with finding ways that each of the humans could add something personal to help Turbo achieve his goal. I wanted to start the sequence out abstractly, with seemingly disconnected images of a treadmill, a hairdryer, and a car interior, so you were a bit unsure of what was going on, until it was revealed as means to test Turbo's new found speed and to see what adjustments would be needed to help him race.

 Here's part 1. (-first panel drawn by Sharon Bridgeman Lukic)


  1. Thanks so much for posting all of this!
    It's super fun to look at all of this work and learn from it.
    One question: what was the reason for the cut from panel 133 to 134. For turning the camera around?

    thanks and all the best!

  2. So awesome! These boards are really inspiring. Can't wait to see the movie.

  3. Andreas- the camera move you're talking about 133-139 was from a previous version of the seq. and the director wanted to keep it in to show Turbo on the manicure table among all the nail polish bottles with all the shop keepers looking down on him, (-just for the clarity of the geography), then I thought cutting back to Turbo's point of view while they finish painting him would be a fun angle to be in until Turbo's paint job is revealed. Thanks for having a look. Hope you enjoy the film.

    Casey- Thanks so much! Glad you like the boards. It's a fun little film, some great character work and gorgeous animation and production design. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for answering my question! Looking forward to seeing the film!