Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sooooooo, we saw this little article in the Hollywood Reporter today...

And...nope, that's not the version of the story Sharon and I have optioned.  There have been numerous versions of this story documented over the decades, the graphic novel mentioned in the article is considered one of the better accounts of the story.  The novel we've optioned is the other.  Both the graphic novel and the one we've optioned have been in active development in Hollywood multiple times over the years.  But, nothing is ever set in stone, not until the day a film is actually released into the theaters, but still, a bit of wind goes out of the sails when you see another version gaining traction.

It's a hard thing to balance time between work that pays the bills and work that fills the soul.  That is always the challenge though.
Sharon and I plan to keep moving right along with our version of this amazing story.  All kinds of crazy shit happens in Hollywood.  Having exceptional talent attached to something unfortunately doesn't guarantee a projects realization, let alone it's success.

So, here's hoping that a great version of this story makes it to the screen one day...(-hopefully it's ours! (;^P

And in the spirit of, "what do we have to lose?", here is our polished First Act from our work-in -progress screenplay, of TORSO! ......Sharon's probably gonna kill me for posting this... (=^O

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