Friday, April 5, 2013


Many moons ago, long before Photoshop, Cintiq tablets, and After Effects, there was...paper.  Way back in 2005 storyboards were drawn on paper.  Shocking, I know.  Now, I love drawing on the computer but, there's something much less fussy about a pad of paper and a china marker.  No frills.  Here's a selection of boards I'd drawn for the first version of How to Train Your Dragon.  It's not a whole sequence, just a selection of panels from one that I liked after not having seen them in almost a decade.  In the sequence, Hiccup and all the other kids are banished from the viking island for some reason or another along with their dragons.  While fighting their way through a storm and Hiccup jumping into the ocean to save the very tiny Toothless, their boat runs aground of a sleeping giant sea dragon and get pulled along in the storm.  (It's just clusters of a few sequential panels and then some one off's.)


  1. what kind of paper pad do you use and china marker?

  2. The paper was just standard issue story pads that the studio stocked up on. Not very heavy paper at all, but it did have a bit of texture to it, which made the line work look good. The china marker is again very standard drawing tool, waxy like a black crayon. Went through 100's while in college, the kind that has the string by the point and you just pull on that to tear off the covering as you worn it down by drawing.