Thursday, June 21, 2018


Hey there anyone who is still checking in on my blog.  Well, I've been super neglectful of posting stuff.  I've been working away on Minions 2 for my day job and spending a lot of free time with some new writing.

I'm hoping to get through the redesign of my 13 STORIES illustrations soon and then perhaps post some of the new short essays series I've begun writing.

But in the meantime, here's some random doodles and things to keep this poor blog alive and even remotely interesting.

Thanks as always for checking in!

A sketch from one of my favorite films, The Little Foxes, where Bette Davis' character sits motionless in a chair while her husband stumbles around in the background having a heart attack, finally colapsing on the stairs.

Some film noir inspired femme fatales...

Have been obsessed for months with listening to an amazing live recording performance of "Mama"Cass Elliot.  It's available on iTunes.

A little Hela from Thor:Ragnarok

A little Dark Phoenix fan art.

Our neighborhood's resident power walking witch. 

A non residential witch...

A mountain witch, I guess?

And finally a little Minion Motivation:

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