Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy 2015!

Thought I'd start 2015 off with a shout out to one of my best friends and a fantastically talented comic artist, Russ Braun.

I met Russ back in the late 90's while we both were working at Disney Feature Animation on Mulan.

Both trapped in the hell that was the Clean Up department, we both wanted to get a shot at storyboarding, but at Disney it was not to be.

Russ ended up back in his native NYC drawing for a wide range of comic titles while I relocated to the west coast and my pursuit of storyboarding.

Russ doesn't have a website, but he uses his public facebook page as a place to share his artwork, past and present.  He's just started to do a bit of instructing in the NYC area, so if you're a student, or someone interested in creating a comic of your own, check out Russ's amazing and inspiring work.

He's worked on everything from, BATMAN, FABLES, HELLSTORM, ANIMAL MAN, JACK OF FABLES, DEAD BOY DETECTIVE, THE NIGHT WITCHES  and most recently working on the talented comic creator/legend GARTH ENNIS'S, THE BOYS.

Here's a small sampling of Russ's work.  Again, check out his facebook page for more greatness!

Russ and I last year at his favorite NYC Irish pub, Molly Malones

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