Monday, October 22, 2012


As everyone knows, animated films are one of the easiest things in the world to make.  There's never any disagreements and the original director always sees the film through to the end.  Sure........well,  I ended up pitching a version of Hotel Transylvania I would have liked to see when one of the versions I was hired to work on came to an abrupt end one sunny SoCal afternoon.  It's a great exercise in storytelling to give yourself the challenge of trying to incorporate the ideas you know the studio wants to have in the film vs. the ideas that excite you personally about the concept.  So, I spent a week and whipped up this pitch to the Sony Anim. Development Dept.  I still kinda like it...(;^P

(-my version of the Mummy had him all wrapped up including his Pharaoh-style hat and he carried the jars with his embalmed internal organs......funny!  Right?!?)


  1. Hello Darren.
    Love the Beat Boards. May I ask, Do you pitch these or are you asked to go further in tightening panels?
    I personally like this stage. I find some places want super tight and some less is more.
    Could you share what you've found?

  2. Joe- It all depends who you are working with. Now, these beat boards were for my pitch on my own take for a version of the film, so I had no problem showing more sketchy drawings. It's personal taste. Some of the earlier Hotel T beat boards I posted were made for a director I was working with to illustrate their version of the film and that's why those are a bit more polished. Executives had no problem reading either style. But when it's for my own pitch, I always like the looser sketches. Something more thoughtfully personal about the sketchier stuff...for me anyway.