Monday, January 23, 2017

SING!...and some boards from it.

Very happy to be starting off the new year, able to look back on 2016 and my good fortune at having been a part of 3 fun, unique and successful animated films all released in a single year.

That's a true rarity that I will always be grateful for.  As we all know, these little films we make take years and years to complete, and if you're lucky in our business you occasionally can get one credit per year at best, but to have 3 in one was totally the luck of the draw.

SING really turned into something special and surprising, and like most animated features, it was a different creature at the start than the one that was released into the theaters.  That's just how the process of making animated films seems to go, and it's usually to the benefit of the film.

So, much of the boarding I did on SING was from the 3rd ACT of the film, which is the part that changed most dramatically.  More on those changes and how they came about in another post.

But here's a brief, fun sequence between an exhausted Rosita and her dance partner, the ever enthusiastic, Gunter.

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