Thursday, July 7, 2016

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS! Movie #2 for me this year...

Life's been crazy busy lately.  Got married 2 weeks ago to my partner of 20 years who also happens to be the Co-Producer of the amazing, Kung Fu Panda 3!

So, I've been slow to post stuff, but there's lots to post!  I'll finish up the storyboard postings for my Angry Birds action sequence soon and there'll be more fun stuff to post from that film, but since the wonderful, Secret Life of Pets is being released this weekend, I wanted to throw out a little bit of artwork from my time on that great project.

I'll post boards and talk more about that soon, but for today here's a batch of visual development for various pets' owners.

It was a design free for all and a ton of fun to do.

Hope you enjoy the film!

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